Lolita and Elmer Cortez

Lolita and Elmer Cortez

One song started a mission for Lolita and Elmer Cortez. A friend who was passionate about visiting prisoners, came up to Elmer and said: "I could not find a song that gives hope and encouragement to prisoners, can you make one for them?" 

Elmer wrote the song "Is Your Heart" simply telling the prisoners: "Whatever you have done, no matter what happened, God our Father is forever waiting for you to come home. There is hope, there is love, there is new life waiting for you outside these walls." 

The responses to the song surprised them. Many are not in jail but, as in the song, imprisoned in sorrow, shame, and guilt. Many hearts are filled with pain, hate, and rage. Many hearts went away. Many hearts are waiting. Many hearts need forgiveness. Many hearts need to forgive. 

“Is Your Heart” has evolved into a song offering forgiveness to live in our hearts. We all need to forgive and be forgiven. 

Emboldened by this need, Elmer wrote 11 more songs reliving the best story of forgiveness – The Parable of the Lost Son according to Luke 15:11-32. Offering the parable to live in our homes, these songs have become the headliner in their house concerts. 

The mission has begun! Sing to the world: “Open your door, let the parable in!” 

Lolita minted the name of the band - In Te Domine, from Latin words meaning "In You Lord.” They are also the first three words of Psalm 31. She currently sings and plays bass for the Filipino Choir and also serves as Sacristan and Eucharistic Minister at St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Jonesboro, Georgia USA. 

Elmer begun singing and playing guitar at age 13 way back in the Philippines. He said: “We had no money for movies and teen-age stuff, so after school, my cousins and I would gather in our living room and sing and play guitar until our fingers hurt."  “We sounded awful,” he added. Little did he know that God was then preparing him for this mission. 

The band has finished recording “Is Your Heart.” It’s now available in CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and other music outlets. You can download the song right here >>> download. They are saving money for the cost of recording the 11 songs into an album. 

For 2019, the band is booking 30 house concerts and 10 church concerts.