The Concert Of The Parable of the Lost Son

In Te Domine

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The Concert Of The Parable of the Lost Son

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We are currently recording 10 songs reliving the best story of forgiveness – The Parable of the Lost Son according to Luke 15: 11-32. We plan to release the album on August 18, 2020.

As in the parable, if you are in need of forgiveness like the younger son, the songs encourage you find your way back home and receive forgiveness.

If you are in the same situation of the father, the songs give you hope for the return of your loved ones and you forgive them without question, without condition.

And like the elder son, if you were hurt, we pray for your healing so that you might one day forgive and find peace in your heart.

Pre-order your copy of the album, name your price and we will love you forever! We will send you a very special album edition as way of thanking you for helping us make this album.

Open your heart, let the parable in.

Thank you.

Lolita and Elmer Cortez

Expected release: August 18, 2020

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